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There is no denying that running a law firm can be a complex and time consuming process for all involved, not to mention stressful when things don’t go to plan. With running the business and often being a Solicitor at the same time, it’s not uncommon for something important to fall between the cracks. This is something that a lot of law firms have to deal with and it’s especially common when modern legal technology is not being utilised. Regardless of the size of law firm, sometimes professional input can make all the difference to profitability and waste reduction. Luckily, Law Right are here to help.


For us, it’s not only about bottom line profit of our client organisations. We love seeing the huge positive impact of staff moral after a well implemented solution. In some cases, staff members have just been “dealing with” the day-to-day grinding problems for years not knowing how simple the solutions can be through a good legal practice management system.


At Law Right, we are able to take care of the digital transformations for any size law firm operating in any area of law including Legal Aid. This includes specialised services, all centred around legal technology and legal accounts. All of our services are tailored to suit the specific needs of each individual law firm. Law Right takes pride in being a results focused business and we understand even the most complex of issues, which allows us to provide creative solutions with the individual law firm in mind. After all, what works for one law firm may not work for another.


  • Change Management - System Transitions, Customisation, Automation, Staff Training and Support and more.


  • Digital Transformation - Paperless Processes, Digital Signatures, Digital Contracts and more.


  • Back Office Solutions - Legal Client & Office Account Cashier, Virtual Secretary Solutions, Systems Administration, Compliance Reports and more.


Based in the UK – Harrogate, we have managed over 130 law firms’ digital transformations and 250 globally. With our help, these firms have benefited from dramatic improvements to profitability and waste reduction. We take the time to identify what a client needs and what a client wants, before implementing a range of positive improvements for the firm as a whole. To find out more about Law Right, get in touch.


Whether you require an adhoc, long term or ongoing support, we can help.


Mitchell Baker
Principal Consultant

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